Call Your Friends: It's Party Time!

You can count on me to throw a party your friends will love

Ain't no party like a Tai Leigh Baker party, 'cause a Tai Leigh Baker party comes with benefits! Hosting a ZYIA party is an exciting way to try on and purchase the latest ZYIA Active products. And you don't have to do anything except gather some friends and provide a venue...and maybe some snacks!

For hosting, you'll have the chance to qualify for host rewards. It's a fun and easy way to reconnect with old friends while scoring free and discounted products. Get in touch with me today to learn more about the benefits of hosting a ZYIA party.

Get ready for a fun and fabulous girls' night in

ZYIA parties are so much fun, they feel nothing like work. Your guests will love having the opportunity to learn about and purchase ZYIA Active products, and you'll earn benefits based on party sales. If your sales amount equals:

Receive $300 in ZYIA credit and eight 50% off items
Receive $150 in ZYIA credit and four 50% off items
Receive $65 in ZYIA credit and three 50% off items
Receive $20 in ZYIA credit and two 50% off items

Ready to start earning? Round up your friends, then call me at 307-399-1114 to plan a ZYIA party for this weekend.